Standard Model and Beyond conference

21-23rd October, 2022 AstroCeNT members took part in the „Standard Model and Beyond” conference. The event was organized jointly by the Polish Physical Society and the Institute of Physics of the University of Silesia in Katowice as the 5th Symposium of the Division for Physics of Fundamental Interactions of the Polish Physical Society.
Dr Sebastian Trojanowski’s (postdoctoral researcher at AstroCeNT, group 6) talk titled “Neutrinos at the Forward Physics Facility” was about neutrino physics program in the far-forward region of the LHC which can be employed in the future various detection techniques, including liquid-argon (LAr) experiments.
Dr Jacek Osiński (postdoctoral researcher at AstroCeNT, group 6) presented a talk titled „Dark Matter Production in Nonstandard Cosmologies: from WIMPs to Axions” devoted to the general effects of non-standard cosmological histories on dark matter production and the results of a recent paper on axion dark matter.
Prof. Marcin Kuźniak, leader of AstroCeNT research group 1 and main coordinator of DarkWave project, presented a talk on experimental dark matter searches.
In the intensive schedule, there was time for social events and fruitful communication. At the end of the second day, the participants visited the Silesian Planetarium, the largest and oldest planetarium and astronomical observatory in Poland.
Participation in conferences is one of the most effective ways to share knowledge in the scientific community and to create of a network of contacts. Thanks to the DarkWave grant, our scientists and PhD students have an excellent opportunity to take part in numerous events of this kind in Poland and internationally.