Research Group 5

Scientific Computing & Information Technology Group


Group leader: Professor Piotr Gawron


Modern particle astrophysics experiments face increasing challenges of collecting and processing large volumes of data.

The objective of this team is to develop cutting-edge research activity in the area of scientific computing and IT programming related primarily, but not only, to the main two experimental activities that AstroCeNT is involved in: direct detection of dark matter by Deap-3600, as well as detection of gravitational waves by Advanced Virgo/LIGO and in the future Einstein Telescope. The team cooperates with the other teams of AstroCeNT, while also develops their own activities related to study and development of quantum and classical machine learning methods.



Prof. Piotr Gawron – group leader

Dr. Manish K. Gupta – postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Tomasz Rybotycki – postdoctoral researcher