Research Group 3

Electronics and Data Acquisition and Processing


Group leader: Dr Mariusz Suchenek


Building extremely sensitive detectors to explore the hidden Universe that AstroCeNT research aim to play an important role in, requires world-class expertise in advanced electronics. To make the effort to extract a rare and faint signal from vast amounts of data efficient, or even doable, requires developing new sophisticated methods of data acquisition and processing, both online and offline.

One key aim of this group is to play a leading role in developing photo-detection systems of Silicon Photo Multipliers (SiPMs) for future liquid argon based dark matter search experiments, jointly with Groups 1 and 4. Another aim is to make key contributions, in collaboration with Group 2, to seismic noise background detection and subtraction in the current gravitational wave experiment Advanced VIRGO and eventually in its future European replacement, the planned Einstein Telescope. In all these efforts, hardware and software development must be coordinated, and this will be done in cooperation with Group 5.




Dr. Mariusz Suchenek – group leader

Dr. Marcin Ziembicki – postdoctoral researcher

Mateusz Pietrzak – PhD student