Commercial offer

Astrocent provides several research services

  • Data analysis, machine learning, quantum computation
  • Designing of electronic and data acquisition systems


Areas of expertise
Data analysis, machine learning, quantum computation

  • Quantum computation, quantum algorithms design, adapting combinatorial optimization problems to quantum annealers, quantum machine learning solutions design
  • Time series analysis and classification
  • Data streams statistical analysis
  •  Image and video processing and analysis
  •  Multi- and hyper-spectral image processing and analysis
  •  Machine learning, deep learning with feed forward and bayesian networks
  •  Numerical computation with tensor networks


  • Python Data Science stack: pandas, scikit-learn, pytorch, tensorflow, matplotlib, jupyter, OpenCV
  • Julia scientific programming stack
  • Quantum programming tools: qiskit, pennylane, ocean-SDK


Designing of electronic and data aqusition systems

  • Prepare projects and prototypes of electronic devices based on an idea
  • Design analog and digital systems
  • Carry out assembly works of prototype systems
  • Small amounts of developed devices (small production and test series)


  • Measuring systems
  • Embedded computers
  • Development of Linux-based embedded systems
  • Developing software, firmware, and hardware for ARM, AVR, PIC and MSP microcontrollers
  • Developing software and hardware for FPGA and SoC