Dr Sebastian Trojanowski has been awarded the SONATA BIS

February and March 2022 have been very productive months at AstroCenNT. Dr Sebastian Trojanowski, member of Group 6 led by Prof. Leszek Roszkowski, has been awarded the SONATA BIS grant funded by the National Science Center (NCN). The grant program aims at supporting the establishment of new research teams.
Dr. Trojanowski will set up a new team at the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Poland later this year. The researchers will focus on a wide range of theoretical studies related to the possible existence of new, i.e. currently undiscovered, particles with a mass of similar order or lower than the proton mass.
This emerging new field in particle physics currently experiences a period of very intense research activity around the world with numerous theoretical studies and experimental proposals targeting such postulated new particles. Their existence could, e.g. be related to the dark matter puzzle in our understanding of the Universe, but could also shed light on other possible problems we find in our description of fundamental interactions. The group led by Dr. Trojanowski will contribute to these efforts with an emphasis on exploring discovery prospects of the innovative far-forward physics program at the Large Hadron Collider which he co-proposed with three other theoretical physicists in 2017 with the idea of the FASER experiment.
The total awarded amount is 1,758,200 PLN (~420k USD) over four years.
Photo by Dmitry Nadtocheev