DarkWave: first student secondment at AstroCeNT

A few days ago Jan Ruhland, a master’s student of Technical University of Munich, came to Warsaw. Jan is currently writing a master’s thesis at the Department of Physics at TUM. This is the first student visit to AstroСeNT, financed from the DarkWave project.

Dr. Marcin Kuźniak invited Jan for two weeks in order to work on a detailed physics model of liquid argon scintillation, which will enable better mitigation of backgrounds in future liquid argon detectors.

Currently, two AstroCeNT research groups (group 1 led by dr. Marcin Kuźniak and group 5 led by prof. Piotr Gawron) are working on a highly optimized and parallelized code that will allow for fitting experimental data with the model in real time. Jan’s experience in DEAP-3600 detector data analysis is essential for this effort.