Conference “Particle Astrophysics in Poland”

The 4th biennial conference “Particle Astrophysics in Poland” will be held on 20-21 May 2019 in Warsaw. It will gather members of the particle astrophysics community, and related areas of astronomy and particle cosmology, in our country. 

The main local organizers of the meeting are Astrocent at CAMK PAN and the Particle Theory Group at NCBJ. The conference series has been held alternately between Cracow and Warsaw every other year since 2013 under the patronage of National Council for Particle Astrophysics (Krajowa Rada Astrofizyki Cząstek, KRAC) chaired by Professor Roszkowski.

On the second day of the conference a special session devoted to Astrocent that will be held. Speakers will include: Professor Art McDonald (Carleton University, Canada), a laureate of 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor Stavros Katsanevas (director of European Gravitational Organization and chair of the International Scientific Committee of Astrocent), Professor Maciej Żylicz (president of the Foundation for Polish Science) and Professor Cristiano Galbiati (Princeton University and Gran Sasso Science Institute). Several officials from Poland, Italy, France and Canada are also expected to attend the event.


More information about the conference is available from here.