Seismometer constructed in AstroCeNT was set up at Aeronet station, Peru

Prof Tomasz Bulik, leader of AstroCeNT Group 2, is taking part in preparation for the construction of the SWGO – Southern Wide-field Gamma Observatory.

Currently a site visit is taking place. The Site Committee is now in Peru but will visit also sites in Chile and Argentina. As part of the work Prof Bulik and Dr Dusan Mandat from the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Science set up and Aeronet station at one of the potential sites in Peru. The station includes a seismometer constructed in AstroCeNT.

The site is located on a plateau at the 4880 m.a.s.l. about 20km south of the city of Chivay. The region is seismically active and there are active volcanoes visible from the site. The seismic study done at AstroCeNT will assess the seismic risk for construction of this observatory.