Public lectures “Exploring the Hidden Universe” at AstroCeNT

On February 22, we had the honor of hosting two Nobel laureates in physics, Arthur McDonald and Barry Barish, who gave captivating public lectures “Exploring the Hidden Universe” at AstroCeNT. Now, we are delighted to present to you the recorded sessions of these lectures. Whether you were unable to attend on the lecture day or simply wish to relive the captivating moments, we invite you to join us in this extraordinary journey through the cosmos.
Get ready to hear Prof. Arthur McDonald and Prof. Barry Barish unravel the secrets of the universe. From dark matter to gravitational waves, they delve into the deepest questions of our existence, shedding light on mysteries that have fascinated scientists for generations.
🎥 The recorded lectures are now available for your viewing pleasure! 🎥
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Arthur McDonald and Barry Barish for gracing us with their presence and sharing their unparalleled expertise. Their dedication to scientific exploration continues to inspire us all.