Prof. Leszek Roszkowski appointed a member of the Copernican Academy

Last Sunday in Toruń, during the World Copernican Congress, the culmination of the 550th anniversary of Nicolaus Copernicus birth celebrations, nominations were announced for the general secretary and members of the Copernican Academy appointed to these positions by President Andrzej Duda.
We are pleased to let you know that the Head of AstroCeNT, Professor Leszek Roszkowski, was appointed to the Chamber of Astronomy and Mathematical and Natural Sciences along with other eminent scientists as Prof. Arthur McDonald, Dr George Efstathiou, Prof. Wacław Gudowski, Dr Masashi Hazumi, Dr Didier Queloz, Prof. Marian Szymczyk, Prof. Andrzej Udalski, and Prof. Gianfranco de Zotti.
It is worth noting that Prof. Arthur McDonald, a 2015 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, who collaborates with the research groups led by Prof. Marcin Kuźniak and Dr Masayuki Wada on DEAP-3600 and DarkSide experiments searching for dark matter, will be coming to visit AstroCeNT on the way back from Toruń. That will be his second visit to our Centre, and we hope that, with his new appointment in the Copernican Academy, not the last.
The Copernican Academy is a new institution in the Polish science system, which is composed of half Polish and half foreign scientists. It is the main center for the implementation of the National Copernican Program.
The Academy is based on five pillars corresponding to the areas of Nicolas Copernicus’ achievements, which became the basis for the organization of the Academy’s chambers. These are: astronomy, economics, law, medicine, and theology and philosophy.
The key tasks of the Academy and its chambers are:
  • awarding Copernican Prizes,
  • supervising and supporting the activities of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń,
  • coordinating the International Copernican Academy Ambassadors program and organizing the World Copernican Congress.
Warm congratulations to both Art and Leszek!
Source of the image: Twitter/MEiN