Particle Astrophysics Group activity

The Particle Astrophysics research group deals primarily with a wide range of physics questions, both theory and experiment. In line with the general agenda of Astrocent, the main areas of research are:
– dark matter;
– gravitational waves.
To date, four postdoc researchers are working in this group under the guidance of Professor Leszek Roszkowski.
Dr Jaksa Osiński’s research has focused on nonstandard expansion histories in the period before big bang nucleosynthesis, and how these histories affect dark matter production. In particular, he is interested in searching for possible connections between current observables and the properties of the very early Universe in order to probe the conditions of the Universe at these early times.
The area of dr Manimala Chakraborti’s research work includes phenomenological aspects of physics beyond the standard model. More precisely, her works involve exploring low energy signatures of various BSM scenarios in the light of precision tests, collider studies and relic density as well as detection prospects of dark matter.
Dr Sebastian Trojanowski is a theoretical physicist specialized in (astro)particle physics and particle cosmology. He is studying possible intriguing connections between predicted heavy and light dark sectors of the Universe.
Dr Andrew Cheek is an astroparticle phenomenologist. He is interested in how theories of the fundamental forces and elements of our Universe implicate phenomena in astrophysical environments and Earth based experiments. So far, his research has focused mainly on the nature of dark matter.