Installation of seismic and infrasound sensors in the ETpathfinder

From February 19th to 23rd, 2024, Astrocent group leader Mariusz Suchenek and PhD student Mateusz Pietrzak visited the Einstein Telescope Pathfinder for sensors installation. The installed seismometers were developed by Innoseis company and modified by University of Warsaw scientists. Infrasound microphones were created at Astrocent/NCAC, particularly by Prof. Tomasz Bulik and Dr. Mariusz Suchenek’s groups.
The installed system will be used to characterize the location where optical solutions for the Einstein Telescope are being tested. This includes characterizing disturbances generated in the clean room, evaluating the quality of ventilation and air conditioning in terms of introduced infrasound and seismic disturbances, and locating external disturbances (from outside the laboratory) from road infrastructure.
Photos: Peter Cuijpers