Forward Physics Facility Theory Days at CERN

CERN has always been at the frontier of new physics searches, and AstroCeNT is following the same path! From September 18th to 19th, Dr Sebastian Trojanowski from the Astroparticle Physics group in AstroCeNT participated in the Forward Physics Facility (FPF) Theory Days organized at the CERN Theory Department. The meeting focused on discussions on the theoretical implications of the recently reported first-ever observation of collider neutrinos by the FASER and SND@LHC experimental collaborations, as well as on an analysis of the future prospects related to these measurements. The covered topics also included theoretical challenges and progress in interpreting results of the ongoing new physics searches for dark photons and other postulated new species at FASER.
Dr Trojanowski was asked to summarize at the meeting the current status and future prospects of beyond the Standard Model (BSM) searches at the FPF. He has also separately discussed the prospects for employing high-energy muons for new physics searches at the LHC and chaired the BSM parallel session as a co-leader of the relevant working group.
Dr Trojanowski’s travel to CERN has been funded by the DarkWave project.