Dr Sebastian Trojanowski attended workshop “The future is non-perturbative” in Hsinchu, Taiwan

On the week between the 5th and 9th of June, Dr. Sebastian Trojanowski from the Particle Astrophysics group at AstroCeNT was invited to visit the Physics Division of the National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS) in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and attended the workshop “The future is non-perturbative,” which was the third installment of the workshop series dedicated to discussing progress in research at the intersection of beyond the Standard Model (BSM) particle physics and quantum chromodynamics (QCD), as well as condense matter physics and new paradigms in computing sciences.
The broad and rich program of the workshop attracted 56 researchers from various academic institutions across entire Taiwan and several other countries. At the meeting, Dr. Trojanowski presented the prospects for BSM and QCD studies at the proposed Forward Physics Facility (FPF) at the LHC. As a co-leader of the BSM working group of the FPF, he also visited members of the NCTS interested in exploring FPF physics opportunities in their research. We hope this truly worldwide effort leads to many exciting physics measurements in the future!