A new PhD student at AstroCeNT

On 1 October one more PhD student joined AstroCeNT.
Mateusz Pietrzak is not a newcomer to AstroCeNT: he has been working in our team as a technician for some time. Cooperation with scientists has inspired him to continue his path in science, and after successfully passing his entrance exams, he has been admitted to the PhD programme.
Mateusz’s scientific advisor will be Prof. Tomasz Bulik, leader of group 2 (Seismic Sensors), while Dr Suchenek, leader of group 3 (Electronics and Data Acquisition and Processing), will be his supporting advisor. His PhD research will focus on issues related to seismic sensors.
Mateusz will continue his current work with group 2  and 3 on seismic and infrasound sensors.
Good luck Mateusz!