6th edition of the summer school at Cargese (Corsica)

On April 18-22, 2022, Dr. Josiah Ensing (AstroCeNT/NCAC, research group led by Prof. Tomasz Bulik) participated in the 6th edition of the summer school “Passive Imaging & Monitoring in Wave Physics: From Seismology to Ultrasound” in Cargese (Corsica). The event gathers scientists working in the field of ambient noise imaging and monitoring through a multidisciplinary approach including geophysics, underwater acoustics, ultrasonics and wave physics in general. Topics range from medical applications of ultrasound to wind generated seismic noise on Mars, from passive seismic monitoring to global scale seismic imaging.
Dr Ensing presented the findings of his research into wind generated seismic noise at Sos Enattos, related to the Einstein Telescope site selection. During five days he also learned things regarding machine learning and seismology that he hopes to apply to monitoring Virgo for unusual transients.
Participation in the summer school was made possible by financial support from the DarkWave project.