AstroCeNT at the 4th Intelligent Development Forum


Seismic noise characterization at GW detector sites


Expert meeting on machine learning


AstroCeNT is present at LIDINE 2019


AstroCeNT during these difficult times of pandemic

During these difficult times AstroCeNT's team moved its activities almost entirely on-line. The spirits are high. Weekly on-line meetings of group leaders and key administrative staff are productive. Interviews for future PhD students are on-going. Most of the research activities are being done uninterrupted. New projects are being discussed...
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Visit to AstroCeNT of top-level delegation from CNRS

On Friday 21 February 2020 three high-level officials from CNRS visited AstroCeNT. With annual budget of over 3.2 billion Euro, National Center for Scientific Research (in French, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, or CNRS), is the main state research organisation in France, largest in Europe. A CNRS delegation headed...
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Astrocent has joined KM3Net

Astrocent has recently joined KM3Net. On 11 February the Institutional Board of KM3Net approved our bid to be granted the status of an Observer. Green light to the bid was first given by our International Scientific Committee whose responsibilities include making recommendations about strategic decisions in our research activities. KM3Net...
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