Postdoc at AstroCeNT

Applications are invited for 10 postdoctoral positions at AstroCeNT, a new international Center of Excellence in Particle Astrophysics in Warsaw, Poland.

Project description:
On the physics side, research at AstroCeNT is primarily focused on studies of gravitational waves and dark matter, as well as on related topics of astronomy, particle cosmology and particle physics. On the technological side, our prime objective is to specialise in R&D on ultra-sensitive instruments for low background and low count rate particle astrophysics experiments, primarily, but not exclusively, in:
– dark matter searches, in particular modules of silicon photomultipliers, as part of DarkSide and Global Argon Dark Matter collaborations, and
– gravitational waves, especially seismic sensors, as part of Advanced Virgo/Ligo and the Einstein Telescope collaborations.
AstroCeNT is comprised of six international research groups of physicists and engineers:
– SiPM Systems for Astroparticle Physics and Medical Physics (leader: Dr Marcin Kuźniak);
– Seismic Sensors (leader: Professor Tomasz Bulik);
– Electronics and Data Acquisition and Processing (leader: Dr Mariusz Suchenek);
– Ultrapure SiPMs and Associated Readout Electronics (leader: Dr Masayuki Wada);
– Scientific Computing & Information Technology (leader: Professor Piotr Gawron);
– Particle Astrophysics (leader: Professor Leszek Roszkowski).
However, it is envisaged that it will engage in other areas of the field and explore potential applications in Hi-Tech industry and medicine as well. In about two years the Centre is expected to reach the size of about 40 researchers, including group leaders, their teams, PhD students and visitors working in an international, English-speaking environment. The Centre is led by Professor Leszek Roszkowski.
AstroCeNT has developed close collaborative links with several institutions in Europe and outside, in particular with our strategic partner APC (Astroparticles and Cosmology Laboratory) in Paris and the McDonald institute in Canada.
AstroCeNT is conveniently located in the city centre, with easy access to rail stations and airports. It occupies a suite of spacious and modern labs and offices on top floor of a modern building, of Warsaw University of Technology. The site is also well connected with Physics Department of the University of Warsaw and the main site of the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Centre.
AstroCeNT strongly values the diversity of candidates and is very committed to the equality of opportunity.

For more details: position description.