Videos about dark matter search with DarkSide-20k and DEAP-3600 detectors

If you want to learn more about the dark matter mystery and see how
scientists are working to resolve it, please see these recent videos. In
addition to a basic introduction to the topic, more details are given on
some of the key projects that AstroCeNT researchers are active on,
including DEAP-3600 and DarkSide-20k experiments, and the Global Argon
Dark Matter Collaboration (GADMC), that we are a member of.

  • “Searching for Dark Matter with DARKSIDE-20K” features a detailed
    visualization of the DarkSide-20k detector, which is currently under
    construction underground in Laboratori Nazionali di Gran Sasso in Italy,
    as well as short interviews with GADMC leaders, including the Nobel
    Prize co-winner, Prof. Art McDonald and Prof. Cristiano Galbiati (GADMC
    spokesperson and chair of the AstroCeNT International Scientific Committee)
  • “How to build a dark matter detector” (TED-Ed video by Jenna Safin) is
    an animation explaining the principle of the DEAP-3600 detector, located
    2 km underground at SNOLAB (Canada), which has been in operation and
    taking data since 2016.
  • “Dark Matter Special: RAZOR full episode” is an episode of a
    popularized science show, featuring a visit to the SNOLAB underground
    laboratory and short interviews with a number of scientists working on
    DEAP-3600. A great chance to get a glimpse of a experimental
    (astro)particle physicist’s daily routine.