XIII Einstein Telescope Symposium

From 8 to 12th of May 2023 Prof. Tomasz Bulik and Dr Mariusz Suchenek took part in the XIII Einstein Telescope Symposium held in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). During the conference, they presented three research presentations dedicated to acoustic noise studies and poster titled “Reconstructing star formation rate for compact binary populations with Einstein telescope”.
AstroCeNT team members actively participated in discussions on the construction of the Einstein Telescope, a proposed third-generation gravitational wave observatory that is currently in the design phase. The Einstein Telescope is planned to be built in Europe and will consist of a triangular array of tunnels, each 10 km in length, located deep underground to minimize interference from environmental noise. The observatory will use advanced technology, such as cryogenic mirrors, to detect and measure gravitational waves with unprecedented precision.
The goal of the Einstein Telescope is to provide new insights into the nature of gravity, the behavior of matter in extreme environments, and the evolution of the universe. It is hoped that the observatory will help us to better understand some of the most fundamental questions in physics and astrophysics.