Two new publications in the Journal of Instrumentation

On May 13th, two scientific articles written by AstroCeNT members were published in the renowned Journal of Instrumentation (JINST).

– One of the articles titled “Cryogenic setup for the characterization of wavelength-shifting materials for noble element radiation detectors” (S. Choudhary, A.F.V. Cortez, M. Kuźniak, G. Nieradka, T. Sworobowicz, Ł. Świderski and T. Szczęśniak) describes a new cryogenic setup for studies of wavelength-shifting materials for optimized light collection in noble element radiation detectors.

– The second one titled “Development of wavelength-shifting PEN foils for next generation experiments” (M. Kuźniak, S. Pawłowski, A. Abramowicz, A.F.V. Cortez, M. Kumosiński, T. Łęcki and G. Nieradka) demonstrates Polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) foils as a wavelength shifter suitable for operation in liquid argon.

Both studies make an important contribution to dark matter research, which is one of the main directions of Astrocent’s scientific work.