TMEX 2023 in Vietnam

On the 5-11th of January Prof. Tomasz Bulik, leader of AstroCeNT group nr 2, participated in the conference titled „Theory meeting experiments: particle astrophysics and cosmology” (TMEX) in Vietnam.
The conference brings together leading theoreticians and experimentalists to discuss forefront topics in the field of particle astrophysics and cosmology. This meeting was organized in Quy Nhon at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) in the spirit of the Rencontres du Vietnam, a series of topical international multidisciplinary meetings.
The format of the conference gathered around 100 participants discussing dark matter, gravitational waves, gamma rays, cosmic rays, neutrinos, future experiments/facilities and other topics from the field of Astronomy and Physics.
Professor Bulik presented his talk „A critical review of gravitational wave sources” and then he gave TMEX summary talk.  He also was a member of the Scientific Program Committee.
The mission of the ICISE and the conference in particular is to foster exchanges between Asia-Pacific scientists and colleagues from other parts of the world. It is very gratifying to know that our scientists are also contributing to such an important cause.