The XXXI General Assembly of the IAU

On August 2-16, the XXXI General Assembly of the IAU was held in Busan, Republic of Korea.
Professor Tomasz Bulik, co-author of the AstroCeNT project and leader of the Seismic Sensors research group, visited Busan to take part in the sessions and to represent Poland on the world scientific stage.
The International Astronomical Union (IAU) was founded in 1919. Its mission is to promote and safeguard the science of astronomy in all its aspects through international cooperation. Today the IAU has more than 13k members.
The key activity of the IAU is the organization of scientific meetings. Every three years, the IAU holds a General Assembly. Among the other tasks of the IAU are the definition of fundamental astronomical and physical constants; unambiguous astronomical nomenclature; promotion of education activities in astronomy; and informal discussion on the possibilities of future international large-scale facilities.
During the meeting in Busan the IAU approved the membershipp application of Georgia.