SUSY 2023 conference

On the 17-21th of July, Prof. Leszek Roszkowski, Head of AstroCeNT, took part in the 30th International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions held in University of Southampton Highfield Campus, UK.
The SUSY is among the largest international events where particle physicists come together to discuss innovative ideas pertaining to fundamental interactions among elementary particles. The aim of the SUSY conference is to review and discuss recent research related to supersymmetric theories and all other approaches to physics beyond the Standard Model in all aspects, including formal theory, phenomenology, astrophysics, experiment, etc.
Prof. Roszkowski presented a talk titled “Dark matter at a crossroads” in which he attempted to review some recent directions in theoretical studies of dark matter candidates, underlying models, production mechanisms, etc., focusing primarily on WIMPs and axions. Next, he discussed sensitivity of the ensuing properties of dark matter candidates on underlying assumptions and illustrated this with the case of axions produced in nonstandard cosmologies of the Big Bang.
Prof. Roszkowski’s travel was funded by DarkWave project.
Photos: University of Southampton Highfield Campus