Scientific visit at APC Lab

In July 2021, AstroCeNT team members Dr Marek Walczak (Research Group 1, SiPM Systems for Astroparticle Physics and Medical Physics) and Theo Hugues (joint APC-AstroCeNT (cotutelle) student) visited the APC Lab in Paris to work with Davide Franco, DarkSide Software Development Team Leader.
Astroparticle and Cosmology laboratory in Paris is one of AstroCeNT main scientific partners. It gathers researchers (experimentalists, theorists and observers) working in different areas including high-energy astrophysics, cosmology, gravitation, and neutrino physics.
During this visit, the researchers created a new functionality for the data reconstruction code that enables analysis from the tested photosensitive modules. The code is further developed and used according to needs of the DarkSide group.