Particle Astrophysics in Poland 2023

The 5th “Particle Astrophysics in Poland 2023” conference held in 2023 (13-16th of February), brought together researchers from multiple institutes and research facilities across the country.
This year, several of our colleagues attended this conference and made presentations on the successes of the AstroCeNT research groups.
Prof. Tomasz Bulik and prof. Leszek Roszkowski, AstroCeNT founders, were members of Scientific Organizing Committee.
The event focuses on various fields of science, including theoretical and observational cosmology, dark matter studies, neutrino astrophysics, and multi-messenger astronomy, which involves gravitational waves, cosmic rays, and high-energy astrophysics. The main objective of the conference is to offer a comprehensive overview of recent advancements in this interdisciplinary area and to foster productive conversations and information sharing among attendees.
The travel was funded from DarkWave project.