Nagoya Workshop on Technology and Instrumentation in Future Liquid Noble Gas Detectors

On February 14-16, 2024, Dr. Masayuki Wada, the leader of group 4 at AstroCeNT, participated in the international workshop hosted by the Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute (KMI) at Nagoya University.
The workshop, titled “Technology and Instrumentation in Future Liquid Noble Gas Detectors,” provided a platform for experts to discuss recent advancements in liquid noble gas detectors, focusing on future dark matter search experiments.
Key topics included:
– Physics program of future direct dark matter searches
– New detector designs and Novel TPCs
– New photosensors and charge readout technologies
– Novel purification methods for radioactive and non-radioactive impurities
– Accidental coincidence and single-electron backgrounds
Dr. Masayuki Wada’s participation enriched the discussions, addressing the prospects and challenges in liquid argon-based dark matter searches with his presentation titled “Where We Go with Liquid Ar-based Dark Matter Searches?”