Measurement campaign at CERN

In early 2023, the AstroCeNT team embarked on an extensive project at CERN, spending the majority of January and half of February conducting a data-taking campaign to explore the properties of wavelength shifting PEN foils in liquid Argon. This endeavor aimed to enhance our understanding of these foils and their potential applications. To facilitate our research, we had the privilege of utilizing CERN’s cryogenic equipment and a large dewar.
During the initial week of the visit, our researchers assembled the experimental setup. Following the setup’s completion, the second week was primarily dedicated to ensuring the system’s integrity. Researchers meticulously created a vacuum environment, inspected for potential leaks, and effectively sealed any identified gaps. Once satisfied with the tank’s condition, they proceeded to fill it with liquid Argon.
With all preparations in place, the subsequent two weeks were devoted to data-taking activities. A team of scientists from various institutions, including the Technical University of Munich, University of Zurich, University of Edinburgh, National Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef, and University of Hawaii at Manoa, collaborated closely to acquire valuable data during this period. The joint effort and collaboration among these experts culminated in a truly fruitful and successful scientific campaign.
In total, the campaign involved approximately a dozen individuals, and it proved to be an exciting and adventurous undertaking. The synergy achieved through collaboration with our colleagues fostered an enriching scientific experience.
Travel to Geneva for AstroCeNT team was funded by DarkWave project.