Institutional Seminar at Łukasiewicz – IChP

On 29 May, Prof. Marcin Kuźniak, leader of Astrocent Group 1, gave an institutional seminar at one of our key local partner institutions, the Industrial Chemistry Institute – Łukasiewicz Research Network (Łukasiewicz – IChP).

The seminar, titled “What is the Universe made of? Dark Matter Particles and How to Search for Them,” drew significant interest, was well attended and reflected the growing curiosity and engagement with astrophysical topics within the chemistry field.

A key highlight of the seminar was the emphasis on the role of tailored polymeric materials in large next-generation experiments. This aspect of the presentation underscored the ongoing cooperation between the IChP and Astrocent, showcasing our collaborative efforts to advance the search for dark matter particles using innovative chemical materials.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the IChP, fostering interdisciplinary research that builds a bridge between chemistry and astrophysics.