First ACHEP conference on high-energy physics on the African continent

On the 23rd to 27th of October, the leader of group 4, Dr. Masayuki Wada, was invited to present the status of DarkSide-20k at the first edition of the ACHEP conference that took place in Rabat, Morocco.
ACHEP is a biennial international conference series on High Energy Physics held in African Institutes. It brings together specialized scientists in the field of High Energy Physics from universities and research institutes all over the world on African grounds to discuss current developments and new trends, results, and perspectives in this field. The primary goal of ACHEP meetings is to encourage young African researchers and HEP experts to express and discuss new ideas.
Dr Wada presented the current status of DarkSide-20k construction and prospects on behalf of the DarkSide-20k collaboration, as well as participated in the discussion on how to develop the Physics community in African countries in high-energy physics.