FallingWallsLab Warsaw

In just three minutes you can tell about your idea to tear down the existing wall – in the technology industry, economy, society or science, and then join the network of extraordinary minds from around the world, which currently has more than 1,000 people!
Dr. Nikesh (postdoc at AstroCeNT group 2) is qualified for FallingWallsLab Warsaw (https://fallingwallslab.pl) and on September 15 he will perform during the final round of competition in the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology. Our researcher will present a concept that combines innovative engineering solutions with care for the environment. The title of his talk is “Breaking the Walls of Electric Vehicle Charging Problem”.
The final competition will include 20 students, PhD students, young researchers, and innovators from all over Poland. Each participant will have three minutes to present (in English) their proposal of ”tearing down a wall” and convince an international jury. WUT Vice-Rector for Research, Professor Mariusz Malinowski, will be one of the persons evaluating them.