Dr Sebastian Trojanowski gave a talk at CERN

Dr Sebastian Trojanowski from the Astroparticle group at AstroCeNT has been recently invited to give an overview talk about the far-forward research program at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the workshop at CERN dedicated to discussing synergies between the hadron collider at the French-Swiss border and the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) to be built in the Brookhaven National Laboratory in the US. The workshop took place on June 20-21st and was also an excellent opportunity to highlight expected outcomes of neutrino measurements in the possible future liquid argon experiment FLArE and other searches in the proposed Forward Physics Facility at the LHC.
While there exist numerous connections between the two aforementioned major experimental initiatives in particle physics, it has been noted that the far-forward research program at the LHC offers unique capabilities to study aspects of proton-proton, neutrino-ion, and muon-ion interactions, as well as exciting connections to dark matter and light new physics. It then remains highly complementary to the EIC and could provide useful insights into its physics case, as it starts operating now, i.e., several years ahead of the planned start of the EIC.
We look forward to the operation of both ambitious projects that could shed light on various topics in (astro)particle physics ranging from explaining the composition of the Universe to digging into the internal structure of basic constituents of matter, like protons that build up nuclei in atoms.
Dr Sebastian’s trip to CERN was funded from DarkWave project.
Photo: arxiv.org