Dr Masayuki Wada got SONATA-BIS grant from NCN

Science requires investment. And, fortunately, European Union and Polish government supports research and innovation with numerous programs and grants.
Recently, Dr. Masayuki Wada‘s proposal was selected in the SONATA-BIS call. SONATA BIS is a competition funded by the National Science Center (NCN) and intended for research projects aimed at establishing a new research team to conduct basic research.
The total awarded amount is 2,852,105 PLN (~650k USD) over three years from June 2022.
Dr. Masayuki’s project will investigate the possibility to improve the sensitivity of a future dual-phase liquid argon time projection chamber (TPC) to low-mass dark matter search. The TPC will be used to look into the origin of single-electron backgrounds and to develop the cryogenic system and silicon-photomultiplier detector modules with low levels of radioactivity. These activities pave the way to design and construct a tonne-scale dark matter detector with liquid argon to pursue the discovery of dark matter.