Dr. Barbara Jasiulis-Gołdyn – Winner of the Smart Development Leader Award

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Barbara Jasiulis-Gołdyn, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Wrocław, a visiting scientists at AstroCeNT/NCAC PAS in 2023, was recently awarded the prestigious Intelligent Development Leader Award. This distinction is dedicated to business people, local governments and organizations such as universities and research institutes, and refers to specific people and their achievements in the field of implementing innovations on the market or conducting business in an innovative way.

Dr. Jasiulis-Gołdyn has completed several significant scientific projects, including “First order Kendall maximal autoregressive processes and their applications”, financed by the Foundation for Polish Science and implemented in cooperation with KU Leuven in Belgium. As part of it, she modeled the impact of air pollution on health by analyzing data on patient illnesses in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

Her scientific CV includes research internships at the University of Liverpool in Great Britain, Monash University and the University of Melbourne in Australia, among others. implementation of the intercontinental project RARE-Risk Analysis, Ruin and Extremes, Marie Curie Actions.

During her visit to Astrocent NCAC, she dealt with the impact of cosmic radiation on the issue of earthquakes.

Currently, Dr. Jasiulis-Gołdyn focuses on crisis management and building environmental and health resilience at the local and global levels. In the near future, she plans to implement projects based on data analysis at various measurement scales, including satellite data.

We congratulate Dr. Barbara Jasiulis-Gołdyn on this well-deserved distinction and wish her continued success in her extremely important scientific work!