DEAP-3600 collaboration meeting at SNOLAB, Canada

From the 17th to the 21st of July, our colleagues, postdoc Michał Olszewski and PhD student Sarthak Choudhary, had the valuable opportunity to attend the DEAP-3600 collaboration meeting held at SNOLAB in Ontario, Canada. This biannual meeting brings together members of the collaboration to discuss the progress and advancements of the DEAP-3600 dark matter detector.
SNOLAB houses the world’s deepest operational cleanroom, hosting a variety of low background experiments, including the DEAP-3600 detector. During the meeting, collaboration members provided updates on their respective tasks crucial for achieving the optimal performance of the detector.
Sarthak Choudhary, the current outreach coordinator for the DEAP-3600 collaboration, delivered the Outreach coordinator’s report on the first day of the meeting. Additionally, on the 20th of July, he presented the status of the Monte Carlo Pulse Shape Discrimination code (written by researchers at AstroCeNT in collaboration with researcher at  Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences and Nikhef, Amsterdam), a key topic of his ongoing PhD thesis. Dr Michał Olszewski presented the result of AstroCeNT group 1 common work titled “Inelastic Boosted DM search in DEAP-3600”.
This scientific journey provided AstroCeNT members with the unique opportunity to witness the DEAP-3600 detector in action and personally meet the majority of the collaborators for the first time. Numerous engaging discussions took place offline, some of which may prove beneficial for other activities conducted at AstroCeNT.
This travel was funded by DarkWave project.