AstroCeNT members gave talks at the IDM2022 conference

On 18-22 July head of AstroCeNT Prof Leszek Roszkowski and two postdocs Dr Andrew Cheek (group 6 led by Prof Leszek Roszkowski) and Dr Masato Kimura (group 4 led by Dr Masayuki Wada) visited Vienna to attend the 14th conference on the identification of dark matter (IDM2022) hosted by Institute of high energy physics (HEPHY).
The IDM aims  to provide a comprehensive picture of current knowledge of dark matter from cosmological scale down to particle physics, from accelerator searches to recent results in indirect and direct detection and to give a glance at future prospects and technological advancements on the endeavor to identify dark matter.
During the conference Dr Kimura presented talk entitled “Search for low mass WIMP dark matter with DarkSide-50”. The title of Dr Cheek’s presentation was “Neutrinos in direct detection experiments: obstacle or aid to new physics?” Prof Roszkowski delivered a plenary report on the topic “Direct Detection of Dark Matter — APPEC Committee Report”.
 Scientific travel of AstroCeNT/NCAC researchers to Vienna was partially funded by DarkWave project.