AstroCeNT postdoc took part in the TeVPA 2022 conference in Canada

8-12 August, Dr Marek Walczak (AstroCeNT/NCAC, SiPM Systems for Astroparticle Physics and Medical Physics) participated in the TeVPA 2022 conference organised by Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada).
The scientific programme covered five days of invited plenary and contributed parallel session talks. Topics that were discussed at the conference included cosmic rays, cosmology, dark matter, gravitational waves and multimessenger, particle physics, etc.
Dr Walczak’s talk was devoted to DarkSide-20k experiment and in particular the neutron veto. The Technical Design of the DarkSide-20k experiment has been finalized and the detector construction in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy starts this year. The experiment is designed to observe WIPMs scattering from argon atoms in 20 tons of the liquid argon target. Scintillation light generated during the interaction is detected by planes of Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs). The experiment will maintain negligible background level thanks to its novel neutron veto design.
Participation in the conference was funded by the DarkWave project.