AstroCeNT PhD students visited INFN, Catania

At the boundary of February and March two AstroCeNT PhD students Iftikhar Ahmad and Clea Sunny spent two  fruitful weeks in the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) at Catania, Italy. The purpose of the trip was to familiarize with the REcoil Directionality (RED) experiment setup and to see how the data flows from the experimental setup for the data analysis.
With the guidance of Dr. Simone and Noemi, Iftikhar and Clea participated in taking data for the ongoing RED experiment on the site.
Working in the lab is crucially important for young scientists as it helps them develop practical skills, learn from experienced mentors, build a network, and contribute to the scientific community. We are very happy that at AstroCeNT with te support of DarkWave project we can provide such great opportunities for our PhD students. And it’s great that they are ready to take advantage of these opportunities. Keep it up!