AstroCeNT is present at LIDINE 2019

The LIDINE (LIght Detection In Noble Elements) conference series is one of the top experimental physics and noble liquid detector technology-oriented conferences internationally and the place where main advances in SiPM and light collection technology are presented.

The objective of LIDINE is to promote discussion between members of the particle and nuclear physics community about detector technologies based on noble elements and their applications in: dark matter searches, neutrino oscillation measurements, detection of supernova neutrinos, coherent neutrino scattering measurements, neutrinoless double-beta decay searches, neutron EDM experiments, and in medical physics. The unique spirit of LIDINE allows to transcend borders between fields and large experimental collaborations, openly share ideas and brainstorm.

This year LIDINE 2019 was hosted by the University of Manchester, from Aug 28th to 30th 2019.

Dr. Marcin Kuźniak (SiPM Systems for Astroparticle Physics and Medical Physics group leader) represented AstroCeNT at LIDINE 2019, presenting an invited review talk on Dark Matter searches with noble liquid detectors, as well as a guest talk about the novel light collection technology developed at AstroCeNT.

Photo: Andrzej Szelc