AstroCeNT at the Physics in Collisions 2022 conference

Search for new physics is a worldwide effort!
Our colleague, Sebastian Trojanowski from the Particle Astrophysics group in AstroCeNT, was invited to give a talk at the international scientific conference Physics in Collisions (PIC) 2022 held in Tbilisi, Georgia on Sep, 5-9. The series of PIC conferences, which was started back in 1981 in Blacksburg, VA, U.S., is well-known in the experimental particle physics community as an annual meeting that allows for promoting recent progress in the field and for discussing relevant future prospects.
At the conference, Dr. Trojanowski presented the current status of the search for light and (very) weakly interacting particles focusing on accelerator-based experiments. While these efforts have grown to be one of the hottest topics in (astro)particle physics in recent years, still new ideas appear that can push the limits we impose on such postulated new constituents of matter even further. Among various corresponding experimental approaches, an increasingly more important role is played by searches based on liquid argon detector technology which is also used in dark matter searches and is developed at AstroCeNT.
Dr Torjanowski travel was funded from DarkWave grant.