AstroCeNT and CenTeRA: experience exchange

Support the best, so that they can become even better! Guided by this ambitious motto, the International Research Agendas program launched in 2015 resulted in the establishment of a number of independent research units (innovative centers of excellence) in Poland. One of them (as well as AstroCeNT) was the project „Center for Terahertz Research and Applications.
CenTeRA was created to develop breakthrough technologies using terahertz (THz) radiation, such as fast scanners and chemical composition analyzers, that can be applied in various industries and security surveillance.
AstroCeNT and CenTeRA have a lot in common. They both are parts of the IRA program; they both were created within the organizational structures of the PAS institutes. Both projects use the CEZAMAT laboratory facilities and work with state-of-the-art technologies that can become revolutionary solutions. Both units are 4 years old and have a huge experience behind them. The end of 2022 seemed like a good moment for us to finally meet, sum up and exchange experience in the implementation of the project.
Dr. Marta Borowec, Director of Research Organization, and Ms. Katarzyna Kolis, Member of the Management Team of Centera, met in December 2022 at CEZAMAT. During the meeting, they exchanged previous comments on IRA activities and considered further potential development opportunities, with a particular focus on implementation activities and commercialization opportunities.
We hope that the acquired knowledge and mutual contact will allow us to implement even more interesting projects.