APC – AstroCeNT annual meeting

On 17 January 2022 APC and AstroCeNT members met online to sum up the cooperation done in 2021. The main idea of this annual event was to share the results of work, strengthen cooperation and possibly develop new directions.
During the meeting, 14 reports were presented that described the work of research groups in general and the results of international experiments in which our scientists take part.
After two short presentations by the Astrocent director Leszek Roszkowski and APC director Antoine Kouchner, other presentations included:
• Gravitational waves detection on the Moon (Stavros Katsanevas, Director EGO)
• KM3NeT photodection facilities at APC (Alexandre Creusot, APC)
• HyperK activities (Marcin Ziembicki, AstroCeNT)
• The infrasound microphone project (Mariusz Suchenek, AstroCeNT)
• Seismic and Wind data analysis from the Sos Enattos site (Josiah Ensing, AstroCeNT)
• Light collection and wavelength shifter R&D (Marcin Kuźniak, AstroCeNT)
• DarkSide-20k veto SiPM analysis (Marek Walczak, AstroCeNT)
• DarkSide-50 low mass analysis (Masato Kimura, AstroCeNT)
• DUNE Vdrift light readout latest news (Sabrina Sacerdoti, Sylvie Blin, APC).
The APC is the strategic partner of AstroCeNT. It was founded in January 2005 in Paris and brings together about 75 permanent researchers and about 50 engineers, technicians and administrative staff. APC researchers (experimentalists, theorists and observers) work in different areas including high-energy astrophysics, cosmology, gravitation, and neutrino physics.