Agile PM course for AstroCeNT team

To successfully lead a research project, knowledge of the scientific subject is not enough. Understanding how to properly set up processes, how to most effectively organize teamwork so that it turns into synergy, is essential for every research project.
From October 21 to November 10 team members of NCAC and AstroCeNT took part in the Agile Project Management course. This methodology was initially created for the IT industry and was designed to solve problems faced by software companies. Nowadays, the Agile philosophy and methods are more and more often applied to other fields, including industry and science.


Agile methodology is close to science in the sense that it helps to find the right balance between learning and autonomous work, between team coordination and the independent contribution of each participant. In practice, Agile management is a group of techniques that combine flexibility, transparency, and common sense.

Thanks to funding from MAB AstroCeNT, NCAC and the DarkWave project, our scientists and administrative staff have participated in a certified Agile PM course of two levels — Foundation and Practitioner. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained during the training will help to better organize the functioning of projects at the level of administration and improve the efficiency of all processes.