8th CYGNUS Workshop on Directional Recoil Detection

From December 11 to 15, AstroCeNT PhD student Paules Zakhary is participating in the 8th CYGNUS Workshop on Directional Recoil Detection hosted by the University of Sydney. His objective is to present a talk titled “Characterization of Low-Energy Argon Recoils with the ReD Experiment.”
The goal of CYGNUS 2023 is to unite experimentalists and theorists interested in developing detectors capable of determining the directions of recoiling particles, particularly for low-energy applications. The scientific scope of the workshop is extensive, covering applications in particle physics, astroparticle physics, and nuclear physics. Specific topics to be addressed during the workshop include:
– Directional detection of dark matter
– Directional neutrino detection
– Directional neutron detection
– Gas TPCs and MPGDs
– Novel directional detection technologies
– Recoil simulation tools
– Detection of rare nuclear decays
We take great pride in our team member who has traveled so far to contribute to this significant scientific event.
Paules’ travel was made possible thanks to funding from the National Science Centre (NCN) grant SONATA BIS.