Innovations 4 Education conference

One of the important aspects of scientific activity is to share knowledge with society, to inspire and set an example, to participate in discussions with representatives from different fields from outside the “scientific bubble”.
On April 11, group 4 leader Masayuki Wada visited the I4E: Innovations 4 Education conference organised by Fundacja Skolna and the Velux Foundation. The event that gathered representatives of education, business, technology and media in one space to initiate a substantive dialogue about modern teaching methods and techniques, including the STEAM approach.
Dr. Masayuki Wada took part in a panel discussion, during which panelists deliberated on AI’s potential to revolutionize learning through adaptive algorithms, real-time feedback mechanisms, and predictive analytics. However, amidst the excitement, concerns were raised about privacy, equity, and the ethical use of AI in educational settings.