The IRAP — Fostering Excellence and Innovation Conference (12-13 Oct 2023)

On the 12-13th of October the Foundation of Polish Science organised the IRAP — Fostering Excellence and Innovation Conference in Warsaw.
The primary aim of the conference is to summarise the IRAP programme and promote its achievements as examples of excellence and innovation.  The conference is an excellent opportunity for everyone to exchange experiences and meet new scientific contacts. It is targeted at IRAP laureates (directors, leaders, research group members) who have received funding from the Foundation under the Smart Growth Operational Programme, as well as the IRAP environment, including the IRAP Council, International Research Committee and business partner representatives.
The conference included fourteen IRAP results presentation sessions, a single panel discussion and open poster sessions. The organisers also presented funding opportunities offered by the FNP within the EU funding perspective (European Funds for Smart Economy).