IBER 2023 conference

From 5th to 8th of September 2023, our visiting scientist Andre Filipe Ventura Cortez participated as an invited keynote speaker in in the XVIIth Iberian Joint Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics (IBER 2023), which was attended by 100 research scientists.
His talk entitled “Strategies for improved light detection in noble element radiation detectors”, provided an overview of electroluminescence and the challenges in detection of light, where the newest developments in terms of optical amplification structures were explored, with special focus on the technological solutions developed at AstroCeNT. The relevance of the topic of the presentation was reflected in the interesting discussion that followed.
Apart from the advertisement of the activities conducted at AstroCeNT, IBER  2023  allowed to establish some initial contacts with the groups working with gas proportional scintillation counters, including LIP and LIBPhys. Both groups showed interest in the technological developments presented and demonstrated interest in collaborating with our institute in the future.
Dr Cortez’s travel was funded from the DarkWave project.