DarkSide collaboration meeting

Maciej Kuźwa, technician working for AstroCeNT’s group 1, recently participated in DarkSide collaboration working meeting in Canada. The meeting was held in Edmonton from March 19 to 21, 2023.
DarkSide is a group of universities and labs working together to detect dark matter using liquid argon time projection chambers (TPCs). The detectors are located in Italy and filled with liquid argon from underground sources to avoid interference from a radioactive isotope found in atmospheric argon.
The aim of this visit was to discuss the sequence of integration operations of the DarkSide-20k Inner Detector, as well as to explore other variants of construction. Maciej Kuźwa and other participants spent three days analyzing the infrastructures and plan of upgrades needed to host assembly of acrylic TPC, creating a compel storyboard of activities from machining of pieces, through coatings, to temporary assembly, and analyzing possible solutions for transport. They also developed a draft plan for monitoring strategy during transport, an overall summary of the schedule and the resources needed.
Maciej’s participation in this working meeting in Canada was a valuable opportunity to collaborate with other researchers and experts in the field of particle physics, and to contribute to the progress of the project. This type of scientific travel is crucial for advancing research and development in various fields, as it provides researchers with the opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge and expertise.
Maciej Kuźwa’s travel was funded from DarkWave project coordinated by Prof. Marcin Kuźniak at AstroCeNT, NCAC PAS.