Scientific visit to INFN, Genova

At the end of 2021 Dr Marek Walczak from AstroCeNT research group 1 paid second three-week visit to the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) Genova in Italy.
During the trip he worked with Gemma Testera’s group on tests and characterization of the veto silicon photomultiplier modules and mechanical tests in liquid nitrogen of the wavelength shifting PEN foils contributed at AstroCeNT. The development of this hardware is crucial for the DarkSide-20k experiment to be built in the INFN Gran Sasso laboratory, Italy. During his stay in Genova, Marek closely collaborated with Bianca Bottino, Alessio Caminata and Simone Copello from INFN.
Dr Walczak’s trip was financed from DarkWave project.