28 October: Dark Matter Day – Polish edition

On October 31, the world celebrates the hunt for the unseen—something that scientists call dark matter. Dark Matter Day is an annual celebration involving laboratories around the world. Organized events focus on exploring the mysteries of dark matter and highlighting experiments that may bring us closer to resolving them.
On October 28, the Polish edition of the International Dark Matter Day will take place. According to the organisers, visitors to the event will be able to learn all that scientists know about dark matter.
The event will be organized by the National Center for Nuclear Research and hosted on the Polish Astronomical Society youtube channel. Dr. Marcin Kuźniak, leader of AstroCeNT research group 1, will be one of the four speakers. He will give a popular science lecture entitled “Dark matter in the eye of an experimentalist”.
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/587017082438180